Taking our name from a waterfront suburb in Sydney, Australia, Wooloomooloo Group is a celebrated Hong Kong based restaurant chain that has served sizzling premium steaks and time-honored grill favorites since 2004.

Our portfolio of restaurants includes our most premier concept Wooloomooloo Prime, a semi-fine dining Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, as well as The Chop House offering all-day casual dining – all are located at prominent locations in Hong Kong and Singapore.

All the restaurants under Wooloomooloo Group share a similar style and concept with a strong focus on using first-rate fresh produce cooked with care and an experienced hand --- we pride ourselves on serving you with our heartfelt service and passion for excellence.

With the existing resources and systems in place, we are committed to further develop our business and are ready to deliver a world-class restaurant operation as we expand our presence in greater Asia.

We offer joint venture opportunities to those who believe in our brand and are determined to succeed in the ever-exciting food and beverage industry.

In order to maintain consistency of the Wooloomooloo brand, Wooloomooloo Group will be responsible for the operations of the joint venture restaurant as well as the management of the below business aspects:

• Hiring & Training
• Public Relations
• Financial Controls
• Sales & Marketing
• Business Development
• Service & Culinary Divisions

For more information on investment opportunities, please forward your enquiries to Ms Kay Ip, Director of Sales & Marketing, at

What's the background of Wooloomooloo Group?
Wooloomooloo Group is a Hong Kong based, privately owned company with its first restaurant opened in Hong Kong in 2004. We currently own and operate seven restaurants in Hong Kong and Singapore. With our three successful brands, we are set to make our presence felt in greater Asia in the near future.
Does Wooloomooloo Group franchise its restaurant concept?
No, we do not franchise; however we intend to grow our business by working with joint venture partners who share the same business beliefs and are determined to succeed in the food and beverage industry.
How much does it cost to do a joint venture with Wooloomooloo Group?
While there is an approximate budget to open a joint venture restaurant, the final cost varies depending on the location, restaurant size and build out costs, for instance. For a better idea of the capital requirements, please contact Ms Kay Ip, Director of Sales & Marketing, at
Do I have to find a location and negotiate the lease for my joint venture restaurant?
No. Wooloomooloo Group will take care of every aspect of the operations including finding a suitable location and negotiating the lease.
Why is it beneficial to do a joint venture investment?
Joint venture investment is one of the most sought after strategies because it is virtually a passive investment with a high return rate. As a Wooloomooloo joint venture partner, you give us support and control to manage and operate the business. You may contact us to obtain more information on our proven track record of success.

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